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We believe you must bring your whole self to Life in today’s world; your personality, your health, your sense of humor, and most importantly, authenticity, your heart and soul. All of these elements brought us to develop our Wellness Method of approach to Life, back in 1999.

Since then, our work has been thriving and has gained a loyal following. We invite you to explore what we have to offer to You. 

In our approach we use a wide range of disciplines and programs in an Integrative Approach, that is the Life Mentoring Method®.

As we go through life, we tend to set goals and achieve them, especially in the “overachieving” Western culture. We want to get richer, and stronger, look the best, and be the best. Whether it’s a direct impact of Western education, technological advances, or others, we find ourselves in an eternal race to achieve our best.

Most people stay mediocre, within their own personal bubble, work their routine hours, and run a simple life. There’s nothing wrong with having a simple life, as long as we choose to be simple. 

We spend most of our life going through a process of maturation, being aware and overcoming ourselves all the time. Our goal is to create the best version of Ourselves for all our human potential.

If you too have the Desire within, the insatiable hunger which cannot be satisfied with mediocre labor or lifestyle, We have a few tips to help you achieve all your best through channeling that desire in the right direction.



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